Organize a multilingual, multiracial, and inclusive national platform for Latinx Socialists in America which provides information, guidance and support for the development of Socialists social and economic resources and projects that empowers our community and allows us to be active participants in the building of an egalitarian, democratic and sustainable future.

Our Mission

1. Organize a national platform and network for those that identify as Latinx Socialists.


2. Curate the Latinx Socialist history and make connections with our current struggles.


3. Work with economically-disadvantaged and working-class Latinx Americans to create a dialogue on socialism and the Latinx community.


4. Spread the basic concepts and relevant practical applications of socialism in our community.


5. Work cooperatively and in solidarity with other Socialist groups in the US and abroad towards a socialist future.


6. Provide multilingual, anti-racist, feminist resources and information that help our community to easily move forward towards democratic ownership of the means of production.


7. Support the economical and political empowerment of Latinx via Dual Power strategies.


8. Recover and preserve the Socialist history of Latinx in the US and in every other Latinx country as well as the atrocities of the Capitalist system.


9. Dispel the myths and rebuke the capitalist propaganda that has smeared and hidden the real goals and objectives of Socialism.


10. Expose and celebrate the multi ethnic composition of the Latinx community, while also denouncing and fighting against racism, xenophobia, and any other form of discrimination against and amongst Latinx.


11. Listen to, serve and welcome our spanish, portuguese, french, and english-speakers comrades, our black and indigenous comrades, our LGBTQ+ comrades and recognize their specific struggles inside and outside the Latinx community.


12. Embrace scientific socialism as the foundation of our ideals and projects.

Our Goals