Black Lives Matter

Solidarity Statement






As Latinx people, we stand in solidarity with our Black/Afro-Latinx family, friends, and comrades, and all Black people in the United States and internationally. From the moment European colonists stepped foot on the Americas, and from the inception of the United States, white supremacy reigned. The economic and social system of the United States under Capitalism requires a violent, white supremacist police and military force to oppress the exploited, marginalized working class inside the United States and abroad. Our ancestors have continued to be terrorized by the United States military, who also back brutal police and military forces in our countries to oppress our people. We envision a world free from oppressive forces and needless incarceration.


The Police in the United States were constructed to control and surveil poor, black, indigenous, immigrants, Mexicans/Chicanos, Puerto Ricans and communities of color and to suppress the rise of unions, socialists and communists. Prisons were constructed to strip the freedom from newly freed slaves, labeling them as “criminals,” further dehumanizing the Black person. Laws and ideologies have been put in place to continue the criminalization of black people, such as “Stop and Frisk,” “3 Strikes Law,” “War on Drugs,” and the “War on Terror,” to name just a few. The Prison-Industrial System and the Police-Industrial System are direct outcomes of the racism that has existed since 1619. 


As Socialists, we are Police and Prison Abolitionists. We strive to follow and learn from all who came before us in the struggle for liberation and abolition. “Police Reform” will never serve meaningful solutions for the fight for liberation. The oppressor will never liberate the oppressed.


Therefore, we fully support the steps outlined in 8 to Abolition.


Quoting from their document: “The end goal of these reforms is not to create better, friendlier, or more community-oriented police or prisons. Instead, we hope to build toward a society without police or prisons, where communities are equipped to provide for their safety and wellbeing.”


- Defund the Police

- Demilitarize Communities

- Remove Police from Schools

- Free People from Prisons and Jails

- Repeal Laws that Criminalize Survival

- Invest in Community Self-Governance

- Provide Safe, Accessible Housing for Everyone

- Fully Invest in Care, Not Cops


Abolition of the police and prisons are not the end goal, only one of the first steps. These steps are the beginning of our long-term goal of dismantling Capitalism and reaching true liberation of all people. As long as we live under a Capitalist system that puts profit and property before human needs and the environment, we will still be subjects of violence and exploitation.




Solidarity and Love,


Latinx Socialists of America


Published Jun. 12th 2020