Meet the Co-op

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What we want:


The goal of this project is to put a human face to workers’ co‐operatives to make them more relatable and accessible, especially among the Latinx community. Currently there is not much information about co‐operatives in the US and even less direct contact with them. We believe that, by featuring Co‐operatives in light mood interviews, we can make them part of the collective mind, inspire people to create their own Co‐ops, and allow the co‐op to reach more potential clients and partners.


What we don’t want:


We don’t want to frame the interview as a political or economic debate. Even though we are proudly Socialists, we want to talk about the Co‐op. This being said, the Co-op members are free to express any ideas on their answers.


Suggested structure:


The filming will be done where the Co‐op is located, if possible. We suggest a quiet and well illuminated place. The interview will cover the following points:


Presentations: The Co‐op member will present him/herself and the Co‐op. The mission, audience, longevity and location of the Co‐op will be discussed.


Story of the Co‐op: How the Co‐op came to be? How people got together and decided to work co‐operatively?


Organization of the Co‐op: How the Co‐op was set up? Mention the organizational structure and how decisions are made?


Benefits and Challenges of the Co‐op: Discuss the pros and cons of Co‐operatives, how they can be improved and problems overcome?


Future of the Co‐op: What’s the future of the Co‐op? Diversification or creation of networks.



Suggested questions:


This is an example of suggested questions. However, all questions will fall under one of the points previously mentioned.


What is your name, the name of the Co‐op and your position in it?

Where is the Co‐op located?

When was the Co‐op funded?

What is the mission of the Co‐op?

Who is your audience?


How was the idea of a Co‐op born?

How many people started the Co‐op?

How many members does the Co‐op have today?

What was your initial investment?


How did you legally set up the Co‐op?

What is the Co‐op structure?

How is labor divided in the Co‐op?

How are decisions made?

How are the surplus divided?


What are the biggest challenges that the Co‐op had to face in the past?

Does being a Co‐op have benefits/challenges reaching your target audience?

What would you say is the best part of being part of a Co‐op?


What are the Co‐op plans for the future?

What is the policy of the Co‐op regarding expansion/new members?

Do you interact with other Co‐ops?

Do you participate in any Co‐op networks or federations?




The interview should be recorded in ~30 minutes. However, the final video will be shorter (15-20 mins). Before open publication, the video will be shared with the Co‐op for final approval.


Presentation Format:


Questions will be shown in written format on the screen. The responses from the Co‐op member will have live audio and video. B‐roll shots from the Co‐op will be shown during relevant parts of the interview such as location, facilities, detail shoots, logo, contact information, etc. The video will have subtitles in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Publication Rights:


LSA will publish the video under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. The Coop is free to use the video in their advertisement materials.